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3 Important Mindfulness Techniques to Acquire Work Efficiency as a Virtual Assistant

Mindfulness is a practice that has been around for a long time, but it's only recently that more people have openly discussed its benefits. Anyone can be mindful no matter their age and background--people can be more present and aware of their own lives, especially on how they work things out to achieve their goals in life. For virtual assistants, practicing mindfulness to remain focused on projects and tasks is essential. The nature of their job is that they primarily work alone and can sometimes do more than a regular employee, making them prone to burnout.

How Mindfulness Helps Your Virtual Assistant To Be More Productive at Work

As your VAs become more mindful, they get less stressed, more focused, and more creative, which is essential for boosting their productivity. The logic is simple; if your VAs are less stressed, they can think more clearly and work better. If they have better focus, then they'll be able to get more done in less time. There are many other benefits to mindfulness, and it's one of those practices you'll notice the more you do. Be prepared for a change in your working relationship with your VAs if you practice mindfulness in working together; this way, there'll be no doubt about how positive the outcomes can be.

Encouraging Your VA to be Present at the Moment

Rather than being distracted with future tasks, be firm in encouraging them to focus on the most critical and urgent tasks rather than jumping from one to another. You want to train them to focus on what's currently essential; this is one of the most manageable steps to take mindfulness to the next level.

Track Your VA's Progress and Working Habits

Hiring a VA can be demanding, especially in the first months of working with them. You need to train them and familiarize them with the tools you need them to work with. One of the most important things to do for mindfulness is to track their progress. It's not a silly thing. You need to train your VA to be more progressive as time passes, and I hope for these lessons to be brought up by her. Things like making them give you an update at the end of the day or a task plan at the beginning of the day. This allows you to keep track of their progress.

Let Your VA Breathe

One of the most fundamental aspects of work mindfulness is a time to breathe from all the workloads as a hustler. It helps you and your VA relax, remain focused, and boost your productivity.


Being mindful at work (especially working from home as a virtual assistant) can be very difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. Outsourcing tasks can help you reach your goals faster--with the right formula of competitiveness and compassion, everything is doable.

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