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5 Tasks Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

The real estate industry is rich in competition and creativity when developing a strategy to succeed as an agent. Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to focus on those strategies. Virtual assistants help with some tedious tasks necessary to sustain and grow an agent's brand or business. These tasks could take too much of the agent's time and prevents them from doing other things.

The good thing is real estate virtual assistants don't require a real estate license or a lot of specialized knowledge to work with real estate agents.

It might be challenging to outsource, but this step can be a game-changer. Many real estate agents are also diving into the virtual assistance world, which could be the future of outsourcing talent globally.

Here are some tasks that a real estate virtual assistant can do for you:

Managing your calendar

Calendars can be busy, and managing it can be time-consuming. Virtual assistants can help find suitable times for you to meet with clients. They can also meet callers to book an appointment for you and do several tasks like sending brochures, contact information, or a general briefing of your process as a real estate agent. It depends on the depth of trust you have built together during the time you are working with your virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can also check if a specific date and time are booked so they're not double-booked.

It's a simple task. But this time-consuming task can be delegated and make the agent's life easier.

Helping with Scheduling

For a listing agent, this might include scheduling home showings for interested buyers, ensuring that everyone has ample time to walk through, there's no overlap, and the sellers also have the ability and capacity to vacate the property while the buyers are looking.

Agents that also go the extra mile to help their clients, such as inspections or repair work, might want assistance scheduling those events.

This task does not only apply to clients or business appointments. This can also include taking notes of the agent's errands, events, birthdays, and even the days that the agent will not be available.

Responding to Emails

For busy professionals, many unanswered emails can be overwhelming. Virtual assistants can help manage an agent's inbox, manage some email messages they are allowed to respond to, or if there are scripts for a particular type of message.

Virtual assistants can also send an email on behalf of the agent. Still, it depends on the weight of the message and the depth of trust and credibility that this working relationship has established.

Updating Your Website

Many professionals or entrepreneurs who host a website need more time to update frequently. Whether it's market data and information, new listings, timely blog posts, or other website enhancements, keeping up with the website can feel like a full-time job in and of itself.

Regarding this task, it is better to consider hiring a virtual assistant. They don't have to be an expert on website management; some simple tasks mentioned above is sufficient. They might be simple, but they take much of the agent's time, effort, and energy.

Handling Your Bookkeeping

Using a virtual assistant to help with the agent's bookkeeping can help prevent you from continuing to pay for subscriptions or services they no longer use because they're no longer helpful. This can also help you avoid late fees for forgetting to pay on time. You can even ask virtual assistants to help track expenses and mileage for tax purposes!


These tasks are just a few of the many things that a virtual assistant can do for you. Risks can be scary, but just as a plant needs to transfer to a bigger pot once its roots begin to outgrow its old pot, your business needs to upscale too. After all, success is the summation of the calculated risks you took, the courage you needed to execute those tests, an optimistic mindset, the openness to change and the growing world of technology.

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