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Five Skills Your Virtual Grant Writer Needs

Non-profit organizations know that it can be a frustrating experience when funding a project. With thousands of potential sponsors, there are hundreds of requirements and a series of procedures to qualify. Just like any other grant writer locally, you can hire a professional online. There are plenty of experienced grant writers globally that you can connect with.

Here are five essential grant writing skills you can look for in a good writer:

Understanding The Target Audience

Your virtual grant writer should have a plan for communicating with the potential funders of your organization. It includes understanding the target audience and how to communicate well with them. Funders want their grants to help solve the problems that they believe are important, so it is important to show them that your virtual assistant understands their priorities.

The better your virtual assistant aligns the project proposal with the potential funder's mission, the greater the chances of acceptance of the grant proposal.


Research skills are key to helping when it comes to tracking down information and data. Part of your virtual assistant's job is to use the internet to find organizations with grants available, which means they need to be prepared with at least two or three options in case one doesn't work out.

Power of Persuasion

One of the skills that your virtual grant writer is the skill of persuasion. It's sometimes about how strong the argument or research is but how well you persuade grant providers that you're the right person for their money.

Ample Preparation Time

When it comes to any grant writing, being prepared is necessary. The focus is getting the grant accepted. Your virtual grant writer needs to know their content well enough that they are not wasting time on research or editing at a later stage. They need to read their respective guidelines and use them as part of their grant writing skills of persuasion and accuracy of the narrative.

Pays Attention to Detail

When writing and submitting your grant proposals, the most important thing is to pay attention to detail. It includes spelling mistakes, grammar errors, or anything that shows a lack of care in your work.

Even though it might seem like something small when looking at multiple pages of text for one proposal, if there's even one mistake on any page – like an extra word – it can create confusion with everything else written.

If this happens, people will be less likely to comply as they'll think it was poorly done; all of these little things that could've easily been fixed matter. If you pay more attention throughout your writing, the result is in your favor.


When it comes down to a good grant writer, the bottom line is that they know how to best engage potential funders through their application using proper grammar and spelling techniques. Without these fundamentals, getting funds can take time and effort.

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