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How to Fundraise with the Help of a Virtual Assistant: Everything You Need to Know

Growing your nonprofit with the help of a virtual assistant is an excellent way to increase productivity and get more done. A VA can take on administrative tasks so you have more time for other things like fundraising. With a virtual assistant, you’ll be able to focus on what you need to do in order to grow your nonprofit. You can partner with this person to complete projects quickly and efficiently. In fact, many VAs specialize in working with small businesses that are growing fast, just like yours. They understand the time pressures of working at home as well as the importance of keeping everything organized and efficient so no time is wasted. Here are some ways a virtual assistant can help you with fundraising at your nonprofit.

Create a Monthly Marketing Calendar

If you’re working with a VA, there’s a good chance she’s adept at creating marketing calendars for her clients. This is an excellent tool for keeping you on track with your fundraising strategies. Simply tell your VA the dates you’d like to schedule your email campaigns. You may want to do one monthly campaign for each of your major donors, one for your general public, and another for your volunteers. You can also use calendars to plot out social media marketing, special events, and other activities that may impact your fundraising. A calendar is a great way for you to keep track of what’s happening and when. You can cross items off your calendar as they are completed and stay focused on the next task at hand.

Help with Fundraising Emails

Virtual assistants can help you create and send out your fundraising emails. They can use your existing templates and make any changes you need in order to personalize the emails. Your VAs can also help you write thank you emails to donors. You may also want to consider having your VAs write the copy for your social media posts. The key here is to make sure the copy is consistent with the rest of your fundraising materials. VAs are often excellent writers, so this may be a good fit for them.

Provide Data Analysis for Your Fundraisers

If you’re using email marketing campaigns to raise money for your nonprofit, it can be helpful to know whether the efforts are working. Your virtual assistant can check the open rate for each campaign and report back to you. This data can help you decide which campaigns to keep running and which ones to end early. Your VA can also help you analyze what’s working and what’s not in terms of your fundraising copy. This data may help you tweak your marketing campaigns. It can also help you decide which campaigns to keep running and which ones to end early.

Set Up Automation for Events and Thank You Emails

You may want to set up automation for your fundraising events and thank you emails. For example, if you’re hosting a special event, you can set up an automation that informs donors when their tickets will be ready for pickup. Your virtual assistant can help you set up these automations. If you’re hosting an online event, you may want to set up an automation that reminds donors when the event starts. You can also use automation for your thank you emails. You can set up an automated system that reminds you when to thank a donor. This can save you valuable time and help you stay organized.


A virtual assistant can help you cultivate a strong donor base at your nonprofit. You can use this person to create marketing calendars, send out emails, and provide data analysis for your fundraising efforts. Your VA can also help you set up automations for events and thank you emails. Working with a VA can help you grow your nonprofit and get more done.

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