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Is business Growing? Here Are 5 Things a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

You have managed to reach this far in your business as a real estate agent, and it's growing fast. So, it is time to hire some help to level up your marketing strategies. Although you can try to learn and do it yourself, hiring someone specializing in this area is best for the best possible outcome. Here are five stars you can outsource:

Listing Marketing

From making the appointment for the cleaner or the stager to polish up the listing to booking the photographer for the photos, to writing the listing descriptions, to getting everything ready for uploading to the MLS, your website, and social media accounts-- these are all critical business activities that you someone else can do for you.

It's great to have someone do the works that you have done yourself before--this allows you to have more time allotted to facing your potential clients, prepare for your conversations and pitch, and prepare for your other promotion methods, which you can later delegate to your virtual assistant too!

Research Market Trends

As an agent, there are things you constantly want to know as an update regarding the market. What are the average days on the market in the neighborhood where you work with the most buyers and sellers? How about the median? What have the prices been doing?

Once taught well to a well-trained virtual assistant, these things can be delegated too. Your virtual assistant can track when the new data are available from your favorite source, then make sure you have it.

Solicit Reviews and Feedback From Clients

After a successful home sale transaction, you would love a good positive review from your clients--now that's work to do to ensure the next transaction closes. Virtual assistants can also do this for you. They can ask happy clients to submit testimonials.

You have to make a list of every transaction you've closed in the past month; then, you need to assess who's provided a review for you and who still needs to. If you get an appreciation message over text, you can ask them if they'd be willing to submit it as a review or if you can use it as a testimonial on your website. This is something your virtual assistant can do.

Create Email Campaigns

Once your virtual assistant cleans up your CRM, you can use it for some nurturing activities that are so hard to find the time to do but so helpful in long-term lead generation. General email campaigns for current homeowners versus renters aspiring to buy are a good starting point for your contacts.

Your virtual assistant can also do a general email campaign for you. They either need to be trained or have at least experience in creating and running email campaigns that get the foundation started for you and handle the basics while you iterate and improve.

Prepare Marketing Materials

Finding someone skilled in this area can be challenging, but this is something that you don't enjoy doing. Outsourcing can be a huge time saver, and your materials will look fantastic.


As professionals, business growth requires openness to change, especially in different aspects of your business. Investing even in small things can lead to excellent outcomes. It's always good to see things yourself and analyze what's best for your growing business. Always think about how your business is growing and meeting more opportunities, then ask yourself, "How am I gonna keep up with this?"

Hiring someone to help you do some of the time-consuming tasks you don't like to do is a game-changing decision.

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