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Nurture Your Leads With Virtual Sales Assistants: A Guide to Help You Build High Converting Lists

Building high-value customer lists is one of the most challenging aspects of virtual sales. While most people can easily identify and nurture their leads, many companies find it difficult to consistently create and nurture a list that generates high-value customers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how virtual assistants can help you build high-converting lists for your sales team. Keep reading to discover ways your organization can leverage VAs in an effective way to increase lead nurturing and conversion rates.

What does it mean to have a high-value lead?

High-value leads are people that you would actively try to speak with, schedule a sales call with, or close. It doesn’t matter if the person on your list has never bought from your company before, or if they don’t even have an active account with your company. The point is, that you would be interested in speaking with this person and would be willing to invest time to close the deal. If a lead doesn’t meet this high-value criterion, then you should have a high-value goal in mind. The percentage of leads that fall into each value category can be found in Table 1. Knowing your audience will help you decide which leads to focus on nurturing.

Know Your Audience Before You Build Your List

One of the most important business decisions you will make is who to build your list from. In order to build a high-value list, you need to know your audience. While it is tempting to simply gather as many names as possible, you will miss out on a big opportunity if you choose to build your list from the wrong sources. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your audience:

Who are the best prospects for your business? You may be able to identify those people in your lists.

Who have you already built relationships with? If your company has a blog, you may have a large list of names.

Who has been interested in your company, products, and services? You may already have a large list of names that you can add to the list.

Who have you been in touch with offline? You may have a base of clients that you can add to your list.

How VAs Help Build High-Converting Lists

Virtual assistants can help you build high-converting lists by automating the follow-up process. When sending marketing emails or making phone calls, you can set up your assistant to automatically add names and numbers in the email or recording. Setting up your email or voicemail recorder with your campaign automation software is a simple process and can help you save a tremendous amount of time. You don’t have to manually enter information on a spreadsheet, open up a database, or find a list of names and phone numbers. Your assistant can handle all of that for you. When you are ready to send your email or make your call, you simply leave a voicemail with the subject line and content that you want your recipients to see. As your list grows, you can always go back and manually add more names to your automation software.

Leverage VAs in Offline Marketing Strategies

Virtual assistants can help you build high-converting lists by leveraging them in offline marketing strategies. You can use the same techniques that you would use with online marketing, but on a more limited scale. For example, if you have a marketing email campaign, you can use your assistant to send out emails with the same content and subject line. But instead of sending it to your entire list, you can send it to a select number of names. Your marketing emails can also include calls to action that your assistant can automatically add. For example, if you have a sales email campaign, you can have your assistant add names to a spreadsheet of people that you have designated as follow up leads. Your marketing emails can also include ads that you can use on a limited scale with the same names and numbers that you are using on a limited scale.


Virtual assistants can help you build high-converting lists by automating the follow-up process and leveraging them in offline marketing strategies. This allows you to effectively manage your marketing efforts, while avoiding the stress associated with email management and ad creation. Virtual assistants are a valuable tool that can help you build high-converting lists. They can be a great tool for anyone who needs to manage a large number of email addresses or who wants to cut down on their workload.

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