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The Best Research Jobs for Your Virtual Assistant

Looking for an opportunity to put that virtual assistant to good use? There are plenty of research job roles that require assistance. If you’re thinking of using your VA to aid with your job search, read on. Your virtual assistant can be extremely useful when you need to find the right role in a specific industry. Most of these jobs will require you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the application process. However, there are some things that your VA can do for you instead – like checking online job boards, conducting online searches, and compiling a list of relevant opportunities. With these tasks out of the way, you can make an informed decision about which roles are best for you. So what are the best research jobs for your virtual assistant? Let’s take a look at some great examples…

Market Research Assistant

Market research assistants are important parts of any marketing team. They conduct research to understand consumers and their buying patterns. Market research assistants are responsible for analyzing data and presenting the findings to their team. Most market research assistants work in marketing or business development teams. By working in these types of teams, market research assistants can benefit from the expertise of the other team members. Market research assistants conduct research into topics such as customer demographics, purchasing habits, and product preferences. This type of research helps companies understand their customers better and make informed business decisions.


A researcher is responsible for creating and managing research projects, such as surveys and experiments. Their main tasks are to design, create, and analyze research findings. Researchers use a variety of methods to collect and analyze data. Depending on the type of research, they may use surveys, focus groups, experiments, or observation as data collection methods. Researchers interpret and present their findings to clients and other stakeholders. They may also publish their research findings in academic journals and other publications.

Data Analyst

If you are the type of person who likes digging into data, then a data analyst role is a great option for you. A data analyst gathers and analyzes data, usually related to business performance. Using computer software, data analysts create visualizations and graphs to present their findings. They often work with business stakeholders such as marketing managers, owners, and CEOs as part of a larger team.


If you are interested in a research job, you might be surprised to discover that virtual assistants are used in almost every industry. From market research to customer insights, a virtual assistant can help you prepare for your next research job. When you’re looking for the right role, you need to consider more than just the salary. You also want to think about the culture and team you will be working with. Using your VA to help with your job search can be a huge advantage in the application process. With these tasks out of the way, you can focus on your skills and strengths, which are the most important parts of your application. Use this article as a guide to the best research jobs for your virtual assistant.

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