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Social Media Virtual Assistant: What to Expect

What does a social media manager do? Given the description, they manage your social media accounts that you would otherwise overlook. Why do people invest in a social media manager? Managing these business accounts consumes a reasonable amount of time. If you do all the work, you might spend an entire day planning out content, replying to comments and messages, interacting with the followers, doing the graphic designs, doing the ads, and all the other tedious work. Instead of doing those, you can do other things requiring more attention and focus.

If you consider hiring a virtual assistant, here are some things you can expect from them and the things they can do for you:

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

As mentioned, paying attention to replies, interacting with people, posting content, sharing content, scheduling content, coming up with content, and getting creative with content- all fall under the tedious work you must do when managing multiple social media accounts. An experienced social media virtual assistant won't only know how to do this but how to do it so effectively that you never have to worry about handling it yourself.

Identifying and Interacting with Your Target Audience

As a small business, you likely have a niche that you need to hit on social media. But, generalized posts designed to appeal to everyone have less impact than those social media campaigns that appeal to that niche. Having a target audience allows a unique chance for your accounts' growth. Regarding marketing tasks, you can outsource to a virtual assistant who has specialized in these skills for social media channels like yours.

Scheduling and Calendar Management

Many people mistake virtual assistants as bare managers of your schedule--well, they can be. On the other side, creating posts in advance and scheduling them for maximum impact is a skill that someone who works with your social media channels should have intuitively. Several scheduling platforms like Hootsuite and Hellowoofy are beneficial in this task.

Follow-up and Marketing

Many companies do a lot of lead generation through social media. Because of this, it's essential to have someone manage the account and handle the follow-ups. These follow-ups extend to email communications that connect to social media accounts. If you struggle with this workload, a virtual assistant will help you free up your time, allowing you to focus on other matters that are just as important.


Time is something that you cannot bring back once spent. Investing in it wisely, depending on the purpose, is something one must master. Time is one of the essential capital we can have in ensuring the future of our success that we're working hard on. As you focus on where you are good at, you can always hire someone to do something you could be better at or something that takes less time.

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