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The 6 Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads with Virtual Assistants

In the hyper-competitive business world, finding new leads and keeping an edge over your competitors is no easy task. You need to think outside the box to find new ways to generate leads and stand out from the crowd. We’ll show you how a virtual assistant can help you accomplish both goals while also saving you time in the process. With this article, you’ll learn about 6 different ways that virtual assistants can help you generate leads with as little work on your end as possible.

Bloggers outreach

Bloggers are a great resource when it comes to lead generation. They have large followings and can connect with your target audience. The only issue is that connecting with them can be a bit of a challenge. Hiring a virtual assistant to reach out to bloggers on your behalf can help you get the relationship you want with these individuals. VAs can send emails, make phone calls, or even send snail mail to bloggers to introduce you and your business. The main goal is to let these bloggers know that you’re interested in featuring them in your blog posts. With their assistance, you can create great relationships with bloggers that will pay off for you in the long run.

Video ad creation

You’ve probably heard of the term “video ad” at one point in your online career. This type of ad is becoming more and more common as people become desensitized to the traditional banner ad. It’s also a lot easier to make than you might think. There are a number of VAs that specialize in video ads and can create a short, enticing advertisement for you in a matter of hours. You can then upload the ad to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and let it run on auto-pilot for as long as you like. While video ads are effective for generating leads, they are also extremely easy for virtual assistants to create. This means that you can run video ads for as long as you like without having to check back in on them or put extra work into creating new ads.

B2B lead nurturing

For those in B2B industries, having a steady stream of leads is even more important. With B2B, you’re setting up sales calls, webinars, and other events that require lead nurturing. So, having a steady stream of warm leads is vital to your success. B2B virtual assistants can help you create a nurturing campaign that brings new leads through your sales funnel. A B2B lead nurturing program is a series of emails and phone calls that begins when the lead is first acquired. This allows you to slowly build up relationships with these individuals and slowly guide them down the sales funnel. It’s important to note that B2B lead nurturing campaigns can be more complex than B2C nurturing campaigns. This is due to the fact that you need to be guided as a salesperson would be by helping you understand the individual’s motivations and goals. A B2B lead nurturing campaign is usually best served by a dedicated virtual assistant instead of someone who is responsible for multiple campaigns.

Outbound marketing with a VA

Most types of marketing usually involve inbound strategies like blogging, guest posting, and social media marketing. However, outbound marketing is still an effective way to acquire new leads for your business. Outbound strategies can include things like cold calling, cold emails, and paid advertisements. While cold calling may seem like a thing of the past, it can still be an incredibly effective way to acquire new leads. Cold emailing may seem like a waste of time, but it can be a very effective way to reach out to people who may be interested in your business. Paid advertisements can also be a great way to generate leads, especially if you have a limited budget for marketing. With a VA by your side for outbound marketing, you can have them create and send thousands of cold emails, make thousands of cold calls, and run multiple paid advertisements without lifting a finger.

Helping you build your email list

Having a solid email list is one of the most important things you can do as an online business. It’s free marketing that you can use to send out offers, announcements, and more. Email lists also help you build an audience that you can regularly engage with on a personal level. This is why most online marketers make building their email lists a top priority. There are plenty of ways to help you acquire more email subscribers. VAs can create and publish content that encourages people to sign up to your email list. They can also send newsletters to your email subscribers that are packed full of great content.

Virtual events and speaker dinners

Creating an in-person event for your target customers is a great way to build relationships and network with other businesses in your industry. However, hosting a live event can take a lot of time and effort on your part. Virtual assistants can help you create virtual events for your target customers. You can invite people to join a virtual event that features a panel of speakers from your industry. This is an excellent way to network with other businesses and generate leads for your business at the same time. Creating a virtual event for your target customers is an excellent way to generate leads for your business. Virtual assistants can help you create a virtual event that features a panel of speakers from your industry. This is an excellent way to network with other businesses and generate leads for your business at the same time.

Going beyond lead generation with your VA

Once you’ve established quality relationships with potential leads and they’ve become paying customers, it’s time to find new ways to retain them and turn them into lifelong customers. One of the best ways to do this is by giving away free gifts, guides, and more. You can save these items as a PDF on your website and send the link to all of your customers. This is a great way to show them that you appreciate their business and are always open to feedback. You can also use your virtual assistants to help you create these materials. They can write articles, create guides, and more. You can then save all these items in an online digital asset management (DAM) tool. This allows you to access and share these items with your customers whenever you want.


Lead generation is an important part of any business. It can also be very difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can find new ways to generate leads with as little work as possible. Virtual assistants can reach out to bloggers, create engaging video ads, and much more.

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