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virtual assistants offshore outsourcing bpo
virtual assistants offshore outsourcing bpo

Assistance On Demand

We recruit, screen and manage remote talent so you don't have to.

Get matched with a dedicated assistant in as little as 48 Hours.

virtual assistants offshore outsourcing bpo

Starting At $8.5 Hourly

Cold Calling

Cold Callers

graphic designer


Customer Support

Customer Support



Photo Editing

Media Editors



Social Media management

Social Media Managers


Marketing Managers

How Does It Work?

Hundreds of experienced applicants are screened according to your needs.

We shortlist the top qualified candidates for a final interview with you to make sure we have the perfect fit.

After making a selection, we'll handle it from there, allowing you to focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest!

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What People Say About Us

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Very Professional Organization. I have worked with several agencies and believe that Super Virtuals prescreens and offers some of the best global talent out there.

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AJ and the team are really Great!! Thank you for all you do Super Virtual team!!



Iggy was soooo helpful in preparing for tax season this year by organizing my receipts and tracking expenses. It freed up so much time for me to do what I do best, which is not admin. I would highly recommend Super Virtuals! Their VAs are the best!

virtual assistants offshore outsourcing bpo

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your service instead of hiring a freelancer or assistant directly?

Hiring and training the right candidate can be a costly endeavour, especially if the wrong person is hired. Super Virtuals has a proprietary recruiting system to attract, onboard and manage the best talent for your particular needs. Moreover, Super Virtuals are considered as contractors and therefore do not come with the traditional baggage of an employee such as holiday pay, sick leave and additional taxes.

How will my assistant be managed?

Managing your Super Virtual is our responsibility and taken care of by your personal account manager. The management team are available during normal working hours to assist with any queries or support that your assistant may require, enabling you to delegate tasks with virtually zero oversight.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

Starting with a minimum of forty hours per month, all of our plans are flexible, month to month and do not involve any lengthy contracts, allowing you the freedom to delegate tasks as and when required.

How are Super Virtuals selected?

Candidates that meet the criteria for the role undergo a vigorous multi stage selection process including aptitude, personality, critical thinking and many other standardised tests in order to find the perfect fit. Out of the three pre qualified candidates we line up for you, the final decision will always be yours to make.

Will I be charged for absence or holidays?

Our assistants only get paid for tracked and reported hours, which you will receive in the daily update from them.

What If I need to take a holiday?

You can freeze your assistant for up to seven working days in a year.

Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

You will only be billed for the hours you need and any additional hours you ask your assistant to work.

What if I want to change assistant?

Just let your account manager know and we will work quickly to replace them for you.

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